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Double Your Interest Deposit Account - Issue 3

The Double your Interest Deposit Account provides a fantastic fixed rate promise over 2 years and the flexibility to withdraw funds at the end of the first year, should you need to take out some or all of your savings at that time. This offer is for a limited period and is available for new funds to UK Group.*

*This offer is available to new or existing customers depositing a lump sum of money not currently held with the UK Group.

#Opening hours are 9am-8pm Monday- Friday and 10am-7pm Saturday


  • Open an account with a single lodgement between �20,000 and �1 million.
  • Earn 3% EAR fixed in the first one year fixed term.
  • After year one you can withdraw some or all of your savings with interest.
  • If you decide to leave some or all of your money in for a second one year fixed term, those funds will earn a fantastic 6% EAR fixed.
  • Closing date is 29 June 2011 but the product can be withdrawn at any time before this date without notice.

Funds lodged prior to the closing date will receive interest of 3% (3% EAR fixed) for the period up to the day the Double Your Interest- Issue 3 account term begins, which will be 30 September, 2011.


Lodgement Range

Year 1


Year 2

�20,000 to
�1 million

3% EAR fixed

Can withdraw some or all funds at end of year 1 (or within 14 days of year 2 beginning)

6% EAR fixed

Interest is subject to DIRT. The current DIRT rate is 27% but is subject to change.

UK is regulated by the Central UK and is a member of UK Group.